Dear Friends in Christ Jesus!

We want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and warm greetings on behalf of Baptist
convention of Nepal in the most powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the country of Nepal.

Local churches are the basic foundation of Baptist convention of Nepal ministries. Our mandate from
the lord and primary passions, concern are to establishing amicable relationship between local, regional, provincial churches in order to make national association of churches and Baptist convention of Nepal more effective in imparting and providing theologically sound, bible based dynamic and powerful, spirit-filled dynamic gospel message and apostolic leadership and in training pastors for emerging leaders, and collecting resources so that national fellowship could provide temporal and spiritual support and function as a facilitator.

We are focusing ourselves in prayers with the lord Jesus Christ who is the lord of our lives and the founder and the head of his church to provide financial resources for the work of reconstruction where we left no stone unturned to rescue and rehabilitate the affected churches and families after the massive earthquake – 2015.

We are focusing ourselves in prayers with the lord Jesus Christ who is the lord of our lives and the founder and the head of his church to provide financial resources for the work of reconstruction where we left no stone unturned to rescue and rehabilitate the affected churches and families after the massive earthquake – 2015.Along with, we have assisted many affected churches to reconstruct their worship place with the cooperation of local church and international, individual partners. During the year 2016 Baptist convention of Nepal has achieved many successes in various areas as well as encountered many challenges too. Even though, in such unfavorable circumstances, under-funded and lack of economic resources we do not become perplexed but move forward by faith continuously
towards our destination since we are well known that the hand of almighty god is upon us; we can do all
this through him who gives us strength (philippians4:13).

We are grateful towards our entire churches, individual friends, and supporters, national and
international contributors, thank you, well-wishers for your partnership with us in each and every
circumstance. This is the result of your prayer and an encouragement and an inspiration that churches
of Nepal will move and march forward with triumph in the lord’s work for coming years hallelujah and
glory to god, amen, and amen.

Churches of Nepal have been developing national workers for ministries for many years. Through
effective training and mentoring, the church prepares and sends hundreds of native ministers to
evangelize their people. The statistics show that 90 percent of the church growth is the direct result of efforts of the national workers.

Over the last twelve years, the political situation in Nepal has affected the Christian outreach ministries and churches in negative ways. A false democracy rules and the people are faced with numerous hardships and restrictions on freedom. The enemy of the gospel is desperately trying to keep the people of Nepal in spiritual bondage and darkness. This puts even more importance on the natives Christian workers. They are working fervently for the lost souls to be saved. Their evangelism efforts have resulted in significant convergence and church growth.

Partners are needed; these national workers could use the help of your financial contribution. Will you be a vessel, which god could use to bless them and their ministries? Please consider helping our Christian brothers and sisters in Nepal through the Baptist convention of Nepal ministries. In such a time as this we have a tremendous opportunity to further the kingdom of god by partnering with the national workers and with Baptist churches.

However, with funds in short supply, many children must live without proper food and many basic needs are not being met. They cannot be rescued and cared for without the support of their wealthy brothers and sisters in the us’ and other developed nation.

a monthly gift of only $45 will provide a child with food, shelter, and clothing. For an additional $35 more per month, you can also provide an excellent education.

For $100 a month you could provide scholarship for a boy or girl who will be studying at grace Bible
College in Nepal which is Baptist and preparing for ministry.

For $350 to $500 a month you can support a national worker to win the lost and pioneer the churches in cities of Nepal. We need to support commitment of at least 4 to 5 years until the church becomes self-supportive. For $75,000 we can construct a rural church which will seat more than 500 people.

Please join with us in prayer so that lord will supply needed funds to purchase plots land for grace bible college, new life children haven and for new life Christian high schools as well as for projects of native Baptist churches in cities and in villages of Nepal for land and for construction of buildings for all ministries of Baptist convention of Nepal and Baptist Christian conference building impression lay outs in our websites.

Grace Baptist Bible College is a project of Baptist convention of Nepal. We are praying for funds to purchase the plot of land and construction of building for class rooms and library and hostel for girls and boys and administration offices.

We have the vision to build 3000 Baptist churches, establish 3 Christian high schools (ten thousand) orphaned and destitute children with the love of Jesus Christ. We are also working on establishing a vocational training institute and Baptist medical training centers for training paramedics and nurses to do rural health work in the name of christ-jesus.

Tremendous results, since Baptist convention of Nepal fellowship, adopted this strategy; thousands of people have come to know the lord through the preaching of the native ministers. Many churches are being planted. And, national workers are able to continue evangelism even after doors are closed to outside missionaries. Native ministers are the unsung heroes of the kingdom of god.

Mission trips- members of your church could visit as short term to join us on annual trips to Nepal. We need you to teach the bible, worship music, ministers, assist in preach and teach in
conferences/seminars, and mentoring national workers.

Will you please pray and consider- to partner with us and adopting Baptist convention of Nepal ministries in your mission budget for the years 2018, 2018/19-27and beyond to start sound bible based, spirit filled, missional, vibrant, reproducing and culturally relevant New Testament churches in Nepal? May God richly bless all of you.

Pastor Prajwol Mothay,

General Secretary
Baptist Convention of Nepal
G.P.O. BOX 3230
Kathmandu Nepal