Since democratic openness started just after the 1990 revolution the majority of christian believers in Nepal are practically first generations believers with not much Bible teaching except of whatever the young Churches of Nepal have taught during the limited possible time in the Church services. There is a desperate need for trained people to disciple the huge number of new citizens of heaven who have found Christ as their savior and Lord. Up to now the existing Bible college has been able to hold on te3aching a very limited number of young energetic people even not constantly due to financial, location problems as well as lack of equipment, instruments, teaching materials, and qualified teachers.

Even though we are happy that we have been able to teach about 200 young leaders the majority of whom are already serving as pastors and leaders but we are not satisfied with what we have done due to shortcomings in different aspects of the work. We have planned to run a real spirit filled Bible college to feed the hungry new comers to our Lord Jesus Christ and to train them to become real shepherds of the God’s Pasture. We intend to link the college with one of the spirit filled international.

Bible colleges in west, which will avail our Nepalese future leaders with excellent course materials as well as the opportunity to earn a diploma for degree from the same college. We intend to build a building for the Bible College, which will facilitate 110 students per year, we even vision the fact that after this one is established we shall approach for establishing another two Bible College in other areas than Kathmandu.

Eventually it will also be possible for foreign students to come and learn cross-cultural ministry while living in a third world country. The Bible College students in Nepal who are coming from poverty-stricken areas could only afford to pay the nominal registration fees. Below mentioned budget is prepared according to the existing statistics and the real need of the county.

Human resources required, principal, six full time teachers, and six selected subject teachers, registrar, internal auditor, four supporting staff.

BUILDING: A land of 32856 SOF is subjected to acquire, a building containing the classes, chapel, auditorium, hostel, offices, library, study rooms to be constructed and completed phase by within a three years time.

Required equipment, furniture, instruments:2 computers, photocopier, overhead projector, minibus, hostel furniture for 75 students, dining room furniture and groceries, kitchen instruments and equipment, sports equipment, library furniture, auditorium furniture and equipment.

Budget: The calculated figures are based on up to date market prices and inflation.

Rate of 10% for each successive year is considered in the calculation.Notes: Bonus and social benefits are calculated on the basis of one & half month (12.5%) salary per annum. Welfare calculations are based on cash for pocket money for each student $7 per month and food on an average cost of $41 per month for each student and medical support in case of sickness of any or some of the students as well as a first AID box for accidental incidents or minor sicknesses is $10 per head per month. The estimated no. of students is 1000. Hostel rent is calculated for a year will be paid month. The phase construction will be completed and students will shift to the built hostel. All the expenses are calculated with an inflation rate of 10% for successive years.Depreciation is charged at 35% P.A.