To fulfill the task of our God’s work and bring about to reality the training of our orphan children for their future leadership we have planned to establish a christian high school with a capacity to absorb a 1000 student to provide the best possible education from a Christian perspective. the aimed school will practically enlarge our existing little secondary english school to a real highly motivated christian education center and to prepare our young talented christian children to enter the higher educational circles and demonstrate the sovereignty of almighty God in a society of highly motivated and effected by Hindu and Buddhist rituals and moreover caste preferences whereby people who find their savior lord are mainly from lower castes and are considered illiterate and of no social value. The existing school was established five years ago with the idea to give education to sixty orphan children who were adopted by our ministry based on christian principles or tolerance, and love. At present about 200 children are studying in the existing school majority of who are from four established orphanages under the leadership and supervision of this ministry. The school is continuing to provide education to the children with a very low budget that by no means meets the actual expenses and somehow miraculously have survived through the past years.

We are hoping to increase our education level by gathering dedicated teaching faculty both form Nepal and overseas and we believe the high school will provide such a high standard curriculum to its students that in near future the graduates of the school will demonstrate their christian skills in SLC (school leaving certificate) tests and will publicize the truth of Christ’s love for the creation of God and his saved people. The aimed school will be headed by board of directors whose responsibility will be to determine the major goals, formulate the operating policies, employ the necessary personnel, procure and allocate the financial resources, institutional evaluation.

The board will appoint the principal of the school, will approve the annual budget, will review the expenditure of all funds, will approve the appointment of dismissal of employees, will have constant joint meetings with the principal for all the matters concerning the program and condition to the scales, review of the curriculum, to review the recommendations of scholarship or welfare, to check the accounts, entertain the requests from the parents, and discuss the orderly growth and development of the school.

The budget prepared for the expansion of the school is based on a three years expansion program starting from 1998, an inflation rate of 10% is considered in the figures of the successive years.

A group of 50 teachers for the first and second years and group of 75 teachers for the third year are considered as the faculty team of the school. A group or 30 employees for the purposes of accounting, maintenance, sports, disciplinary, watchmen, kitchen and canteen, cleaners, library, secretary, registrar, for the first two years and and additional 10 employees for the successive third year are considered in the budget expenditures. A building containing of 50 classroom facilities and additional 10 rooms for administration use and ground for sporting and large rooms for conference or mutual parents and board or parents and the teachers meeting, laboratory, storage rooms for books, stationary and other necessities and other necessary facilities is considered to be leased for the project and other option of buying a land and constructing the necessary facilitated building is also considered in the budget.

Necessary equipment such as laboratory stuff, speakers, TV & video sets, computer, photocopier, slide projectors, communications systems, and other minor equipment are figured under the heading of equipment. Under the heading of furniture all the necessary furniture for the classrooms, administration, laboratory, conference rooms, meeting rooms, small auditorium, and other necessary facilities are figured.Under the heading of instruments the entire necessary canteen stuff, sport instruments, music instrument etc. are figured. Under the heading of vehicles, only necessary motor bikes and bicycles are considered and for transportation of the students to /from school, only rented buses are considered.

Social benefits are calculated on the basis of one and half-month salary per annum. The figure of fuel / transportation is meant to cover the rent of the buses for students transportation. Uniform support is for the orphan students whose uniforms will be provided by the school. Notes: We have considered options A: and B: for the cases of buying a land and constructing a building for the school so after three years there will be no payment for rent in the case of option A: or the option B: which is rental of a large place for enrolling all the aimed 2000 students by the year 2020. Bonus and.