Since the year 1997 we have been holding several medical camps through foreign medical teams of doctors, nurses, evangelists and pastors in thantiphari, gorkha in central Nepal, a vast group of population around that area have been experiencing the healing touch of our Lord Jesus Christ during these medical camps and also through manifestation of the power of the holy spirit several people have been saved for the kingdom of God. Holding the medical camps for a short period of 7-15 days even through have given a great relief to the poor and destitute people of the area but it has never been enough for the poverty-stricken large population of Gorkha district.

This ministry has planned to establish a medical training institute in that area and while training the young talented people to serve the destitute population also to provide permanent medical care for these poor oppressed creations of God.

We believe through this college we will be able to demonstrate the love of God to these illiterate people and within few years, we will have enough trained manpower to provide all the necessary medical services to all the rural and remote places of this large area. The government officials of Nepal have welcomed our plan and are ready to grant us the necessary permissions and licenses for starting such a college. In addition to academic one year schooling a clinic will provided practical, patient-care training to the students.

We have planned to acquire the land where we used to hold our medical camps and construct the necessary medical team. During past few years, we have dug several wells for the villagers and we have dug wells for the use or the camp and these wells can provide enough water for out project, also electricity supply could be obtained through the authorities of the district.

The construction plan is already in process and as soon as the necessary funds are raised the construction can start. During 1998 all the necessary construction can be carried on while twp approved medical camps during the same year in April and September will be held the college and the clinic could start from January 1999. The budget presented below is based on the same timing and presents the figures for five years. An inflation fate of 10% is considered in the expenditure figures of the successive years.

Notes: the land rate is according to today’s price since generally there is a drastic drop in the real estate market the huge land could be bought with the quoted price. Construction expenses are quoted according to up to date prices for about 1000 SOM of construction of five major buildings for the use of the hostels, clinic, and the college with all necessary facilities. Medical equipment is estimated for x-ray machines, and other necessary equipment . Furniture and instruments are estimated for whole the compound including the college. administration, library, hostels, canteen etc. Other equipment is estimated for computes, electrical meters and connections, water pumps, and other technical necessities. Vehicles are estimated for pickups for constant supply from Kathmandu, motor bikes and bicycles for the use of residents of the compound. Depreciation calculation is based n 20% of book value for furniture, instruments, other equipment, and 10% of book value for medical instruments and 35% of book value for vehicles.

For the year 2019, no depreciation is considered and generally, the depreciation has no effect on the investment figure but in annual expenses for book keeping purposes. Considered medical staffs are; two doctors, six BS nurses, and four ordinary nurses. Considered other staffs are; principal, administrator and accountant, secretary, security personnel, supporting staff, and teachers. One and half month salary has been calculated as bonus and social benefit.

Canteen charges are for food supply to all the residents of the compound. The figure for medical supply is for medicines and medical instruments to be given or sold to the estimated annually 25000 patients admitting to the clinic. Admission fees are to be obtained from all the students and for 2010 we have estimated to enroll 180 students and for the year 2020 additional 360 students enabling the college to individuals, organizations who are going to sponsor the residential expenses of the student such as hostel, food, etc. We believe the local churches and Simon peter ministries will support the project by the amounts quoted in the budget.